Financial Aid/Awards

Generations of Georgia Tech alumni and friends have supported the School’s students and their ambitions with philanthropic gifts. Awards to graduate students, travel scholarships, tuition support and prizes  are made at a program each spring based on need, merit, and the stipulations of donors.

The School of Architecture aims to attract and engage the most qualified students in each of its graduate programs.

Because many of these awards and opportunities are awarded through the admissions process, or through a position within the School or with a firm, we strongly encourage you to visit the Georgia Tech financial aid page for more general information about funding your graduate education.


Residents of 16 southern US states other than Georgia are potentially eligible for in-state tuition for study toward architecture graduate degrees at Georgia Tech.  To review states currently approving the Master of Architecture, Master of Urban Design, Master of Science and PhD (with a concentration in Architecture), for out-of-state tuition waiver, and to learn how to propose our degree for out-of-state tuition waiver by other southern states, visit and speak with an academic advisor in the School of Architecture.


Graduate students get these awards to help toward their tuition. The top candidates for admission to the school's Master of Architecture program are granted these fellowships:


This endowed fellowship was established in 1987 by the partners of the architecture firm of Nix Mann and Associates in Atlanta with the intention of attracting outstanding graduate students to the Master of Architecture program at Georgia Tech. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in architecture.


This fellowship was established in 2007 by the Directors of the T. Gordon Little Foundation with the intention of attracting outstanding graduate students to the Master of Architecture program at Georgia Tech. Candidates must meet fellowship criteria based on professional promise in the field of Architecture, along with need. Fellowship recipients must be registered and enrolled as a full-time student in the Master of Architecture program at Georgia Tech each semester of the award and must remain in good academic standing throughout the duration of the fellowship. 

The COA Charles Brown Fellowship in Urban Design and Development 

The Urban Design Programs (MSUD, Dual Degree) offer the following fellowship for their most outstanding student upon admission. The fellowship provides tuition stipends, tuition waivers or assistantships to graduate students studying Urban Design.

Other scholarships, fellowships, and prizes are awarded annually:

  • Alex Roush Fellowship:  This fellowship is awarded upon admission to the Master of Architecture Program, to a student with an excellent prior academic record and demonstrated financial need.
  • Paul M. Heffernan Travel Abroad Scholarship:  Awarded to architecture students for study abroad.
  • Marthame Sanders Fellowship:  Awarded to architecture students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, a marked flair for creativity and evidence of determination to make a contribution to the betterment of society.
  • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architectural Scholarship:  Awarded to students in a NAABaccredited architecture program for demonstrating the ability to produce quality architectural design and personal development in the field of architecture.
  • KohnPedersenFox(KPFTravelingFellowship:  Thegoaloftheawardistoallow Master of Architecture studentstobroadentheireducationthroughasummeroftravelbeforetheirfinalyearatschool.
  • Gensler Diversity Scholarship:  Awarded to African-American students in a NAABaccredited architecture program, and provides academic scholarships and paid summer internships in a Gensler regional office.
  • SOM Foundation Fellowships and Competition:  Graduate students of architecture, design, urban design and structural engineering are eligible to apply.
  • Stanley, Love-Stanley Award:  Awarded to architecture students of African descent for academic achievement.
  • Stevens & Wilkinson Award: Awarded to a graduate minority architecture student with exceptional professional promise.
  • Gwinner Student Leadership Fellowship:  Awarded annually to the president and vice-president of the Georgia Tech Chapter of AIAS.
  • Henry Adams AIA Gold Medal and Certificate of Achievement:  Awarded to the top-ranking graduating student in the Master of Architecture Program.
  • ARCC King Student Medal:  Typically awarded to a PhD student by the Architectural Research Centers Consortium for Excellence in Architectural and Environmental Research.
  • Portman Prize Competition: Options II Studio competition, sponsored by John Portman & Associates.
  • Masonry Competition:  Graduate architecture student competition,sponsored by the National Concrete Masonry Association, for demonstrating the best use of masonry architectural design.
  • Dorothy P. Spence Memorial Scholarship:  Sponsored by the Architecture Foundation of Georgia and awarded to Master of Architecture students who have demonstrated exemplary academic performance, design ability, leadership and service to the school and design community.
  • Urban Land Institute-Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition:  This urban design and development competition challenges graduate students by requiring multidisciplinary student teams to devise a comprehensive development program for a real, large-scale site.
  • The Big River Fellowship:  Awarded to graduate students who place first, second and third in a special juried competition in which the use of structural lightweight concrete or lightweight concrete masonry units are a required design element.
  • National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) Student Design Competition:
  • Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Competitions:


Please note School of Architecture GRA/GSA/GTA positions are reserved  for students in the School of Architecture. Typically positions are awarded to graduate students who have been enrolled for at least a year. If a student in their first year of graduate school has the needed qualification, exceptions are sometimes made.

The following research and teaching assistantships are administered directly by the School of Architecture. Applicants or students should indicate their interest in and qualifications for these awards in a separate letter to be included in their application package. One letter will be sufficient for consideration for all assistantships for applicants. There is no other application process for graduate assistantships. All assistantships require an average of 15 hours of work each week.

  • Sponsored Graduate Research Assistantships Sponsored research assistantships are available on a limited basis each year to students who have usually spent at least one year in any of the Master of Architecture programs. The availability of these awards is dependent on the nature and amount of externally-sponsored research activity in the College of Architecture and the background and experience of the applicants relative to the research being conducted. The assistantships provide a stipend of approximately $3,600 per semester and a tuition waiver in the amount of $4,300 per semester. All additional tuition costs and mandatory student fees are to be paid by the student. These assistantships are selected and awarded each semester by the faculty members conducting a sponsored research project.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships A limited number of teaching assistantships are awarded to students who have spent a least one year in one of the Master of Architecture programs. The positions that are frequently available include architectural history, architectural technology, design computing, environmental systems,  structures, urban design, and  construction technology. It is essential that the applicants for these positions have outstanding qualifications from previous academic and/or professional experience. The assistantships provide a stipend of approximately $3,600 per semester and a tuition waiver in the amount of $4,300 per semester. All additional tuition costs and mandatory student fees are to be paid by the student. These assistantships are award each semester-based budget availability, need of faculty, and student qualification.
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