The following admissions material should be submitted on-line except for samples of written work:

  1. Georgia Tech Graduate Admissions Application (online)
  2. Three (3) letters of Recommendation (on line)
  3. Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions of higher learning (will be uploaded with online application)
  4. Statement of personal and professional goals (on line). The Statement of Personal and Professional goals is answered within the online application .  The statement of personal and professional goals  is not a separate document.
  5. Scores of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for applicants whose first language is other than English (on line).Minimum TOEFL score required for acceptance by Georgia Institute of Technology is 550 Paper based or 79 Internet Based; however, the PhD program typically does not accept a student with a score lower than 600 Paper based or 100 Internet Based.  In considering applications we take into account the entirety of supporting material including GPA, publications, portfolio, and evidence of written work.
  6. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (on line). The program looks for GRE scores of 600 or better (on each of the general tests unless a student’s record documents substantial professional or scholarly achievement as evidence of exceptional ability).
  7. Applicant should receive an email with instructions regarding the uploading of a scholarly writing sample and optional portfolio approximately 2 days after submission of the online application for admission.  These instructions will be sent to the new Georgia Tech email address that is created upon application.  No hard copy or disk of portfolio or writing sample is required.  

Applications for admission for all applicants to the PhD program are due by December 30th. We will continue to consider applications after the final deadline until all openings for the entering class are filled.  All students normally enter the program in the fall semester.