PHD - Design Computation

It is a commonplace that all aspects of our lives are affected by digital computation. Digital-based information technologies have affected how we think about ourselves and thinking in general.  They have changed how every field practices. They have affected how people communicate and view the world (literally and metaphorically). The PhD. Concentration in Design Computation addresses the research interests of faculty at various levels within this broad spectrum. The research at GA Tech ranges from the details of development of new digital technologies, applications and digital standards to the extension of these capabilities to support collaborative and creative teamwork. It includes the development of new representations – graphical, mathematical, linguistic and logical --that provide new means to understand and act on design knowledge. It includes the study of thinking and cognition when augmented by our new computational environments. It also considers the larger palette of the impacts of these technologies and their new mindsets on the structure and cultural environment of contemporary design, from the small scale of fabrication and prototyping to integrated project delivery. We encourage interested parties to review the work of the associated faculty and determine the potential fit with their work and to communicate with them about potential collaborations.

Besides our faculty, this concentration draws upon the relations with other programs at Georgia Tech, including those within other parts of the College of Architecture as well as with the colleges and schools of Computing, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, and the School of Literature, Communication and Culture.