Undergraduate Overview

Georgia Tech School of Architecture Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program in architecture is a four-year, pre-professional program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S. Arch). This program provides a foundation in the field architecture and prepares the student for continued education in a professional degree program. Georgia Tech does award the professional degree in architecture. It is a graduate, two-year program that culminates in the Master of Architecture (M Arch) degree. An undergraduate student who is planning to seek the professional degree, will follow the “4+2” program plan (four years of undergraduate work and two years of graduate work).  

Within the overall mission of the School of Architecture, the undergraduate program in architecture has three major objectives:

  • To provide a general university education within the context of Georgia Tech and within the study of architecture both as an intellectual discipline and as a profession. The objective of the program is to expose students to many different fields of study while demonstrating how they are related.
  • To provide a multi-disciplinary foundation of education in architecture with a focus on the architectural design studio as its primary setting. In addition to design studios, the program includes required courses in the subject areas of architectural history & theory, architectural technology, and visual arts & design computing.
  • To provide for the development of individual student interests through a substantial number of free and required electives, which comprise almost one-third of the undergraduate curriculum. This flexibility allows a student to pursue specific interests within the discipline of architecture, within the associated programs of City Planning, Building Construction, or Industrial Design, or in joint programs with other disciplines on campus.