Undergraduate Program of Study

 The four-year undergraduate program in Architecture at Georgia Tech is a pre-professional program that fulfills the preparatory requirements for admission to most two-year professional architecture programs. For additional information please see the Architecture Undergraduate Handbook.

Georgia Tech Requirements

Georgia Tech requirements include courses in math, science, humanities, social science, computing, and health and performance science.

  • ENGL 1101-2 English Composition I, II
  • MATH 1501-2 Calculus I, II
  • PHYS 2211 Physics I
  • CS 1315 (alternate: CS 1301), Computer Science
  • HIST 2111, 2112, POL 1101, PUBP 3000, or INTA 1200
  • HPS 1040/1062/1063/1064 Wellness Humanities
  • Electives (from approved list)
  • Social Science Electives (from approved list)
  • Science Elective (from approved list)

Common First Year Requirements

Common First Year courses are required of all undergraduate majors in the College of Architecture and include both lecture and design studio courses in the field of Design & the Built Environment.

  • COA 1011 and COA 1012 Fundamentals of Design & the Built Environment I, II (studios)
  • COA 1060 Introduction to Design and the Built Environment (lecture)

School of Architecture Requirements

School of Architecture requirements include courses in architectural design; architectural history & theory; architectural technology; and visual arts & design computing.

  • ARCH 2011-2 Architectural Design Studio I, II
  • ARCH 2111-2 History of Architecture I, II
  • ARCH 2211 Const. Tech. & Design Integration I
  • ARCH 2472 and ARCH 2474, Modeling and Media II, III

  • ARCH 3011-2 Architectural Design Studio III, IV
  • ARCH 3231 Environ. Systems & Design Integration I
  • ARCH 3241 Fund. of Structures


Electives comprise approximately one-third of the course requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. Cluster Electives are focused within a designated subject area; College of Architecture Electives may be chosen from among the undergraduate course offerings available within the College; and Free Electives may be chosen from among those non-required undergraduate courses offered by any College at Georgia Tech. Minor and Certificate concentrations are also available in a number of programs at Georgia Tech.

  • Cluster Electives: 10 semester hours
  • College of Architecture Electives: 9 semester hours
  • Free Electives: 18 semester hours

B.S. Arch Curriculum Plan