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Design + Research Annual 2011-2012

Georgia Tech College of Architecture Design + Research 2011-2012 CoverThe Georgia Tech School of Architecture is very pleased to announce the completion of this year’s Design and Research Annual.

The work presented is indicative of the extraordinary curiosity and passion we collectively hold for the making of the built environment through design, research and scholarship. This volume serves not only as a record of our achievements, but sheds light on the changing face of practice and education. 

There is a desk copy available for review in the School of Architecture Advising Office, and copies can be ordered directly from the publisher.

For ease of viewing, the book has been divided into the following sections, viewable as .pdf files.

Click on the images below to download the various pdf files.


   .8 M pdf


   22.5 M pdf

BS_Arch Studios

  • Common First Year I
  • Common First Year II
  • Design Studio I
  • Design Studio II
  • Design Studio III
  • Design Studio IV
  • Design Studio V
  • Design Studio VI

   7.3 M pdf


M_Arch Studios

  • Core I Studio
  • Core II Studio
  • Core III Studio
  • Options I Studio

   7.7 M pdf
  • Options II Studio

   21.3 M pdf
  • Design + Research I
  • Design + Research II
  • Master of Science in Urban Design

   5.5 M pdf

PhD Research

  • Analysis of Design Intent
  • Communication
  • Patient Safety
  • Bayesian Calibration
  • Sub-Optimal Component
  • Performance
  • Energy Consumption
  • Fault Detection
  • Task Interruptions
  • Agent-Based Modeling

   7.3 M pdf


  • Theory and Criticism I
  • gray matter(s)
  • Furnishing Buildings /
  • Building Furniture
  • Shape Grammars
  • Introduction to Design
  • Computing
  • Zero Energy Housing

   8 M pdf

Events + Travel

  • Summer Study Abroad
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Students
  • Lecture Series
  • Harris Dimitropoulos
  • Exhibition
  • Cooper Carry Studio
  • Dedication
  • Neuro-Salon
  • Portman Prize Competition
  • Thomas W. Ventulett III Distinguished Chair

Donors + Sponsors
Faculty + Staff