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Co-Op Program

The Co-op Program is an Institute initiative to enhance graduate education. The intentions of the program are to enrich and broaden graduate studies at Georgia Tech, provide financial support for graduate students, and to increase the interactions between academic programs and their related professional practices and industries.

The School of Architecture has a strong tradition of fostering the architectural internship as an adjunct to academic education in architecture. Atlanta is a recognized center of design and offers numerous practice opportunities.

Selection is based on application and demonstrated academic achievement. Internships provide students the opportunity to examine their interests, use newly-acquired skills, and test their stamina under the demands of the work place. Students receive practical experience by working directly with professionals on current projects. Economic benefits include income from 15 hours per week at an established salary rate.

Mentor relationships frequently develop in the Co-op Program that can nurture long-term, continued employment following graduation. The Program's excellent design tradition, extensive alumni network and connections with leading architectural firms has forged a highly beneficial academic and professional linkage between our students and local firms.

For more info on the Graduate Co-op Program, contact Brenda [dot] Pereira [at] coa [dot] gatech [dot] edu (subject: Graduate%20Co-Op%20Program%20inquiry) (Brenda Pereira).