TEMP M Arch - 3.5 Year

The program of study leading to the Master of Architecture (M Arch) - 3.5 Year degree provides flexibility both for students who have an undergraduate degree with a major in architecture as well as those who have a degree in a field other than architecture. The curriculum of study is comprised of preparatory, professional, and free elective requirements.

Preparatory requirements include a minimum of 3 semesters of architecture design studios, 2 semesters of Architectural History and Theory, and 3 semesters of Architectural Technology. Students may apply for advanced standing for any or all or these courses, depending on their individual educational backgrounds.

Professional requirements of the curriculum include the major components of Architectural Design; Urban Design, Architectural History, Theory & Criticism, Architectural Technology, Professional & Social Practice, Visual Arts and Design Computing, and the Master's Project, or Thesis. Each of these areas requires from one to four specific core courses.

Free electives comprised of a minimum of 21 semester hours rounds out the M.Arch. 3.5-year curriculum requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to focus their elective study through 9-semester-hour concentrations in one of the available subject areas. In addition, several formal 12-semester hour certificate programs exist within the School of Architecture, College of Architecture and Institute, allowing  further elective specializations.

The M Arch 3.5 Year program requires a maximum of 108 semester hours of study, depending upon the amount of advanced standing credit granted upon admission to the program. Normally, a student admitted to the program with maximum advanced standing can expect to complete the program within two academic years. A student admitted to the program with no advanced standing can expect the program to require three and one-half academic years of study.

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