Balfour Addresses American Embassy in Berlin

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Georgia Tech College of Architecture Dean Alan Balfour will meet with architects and officials in Munich and Berlin to discuss the new American Embassy on Pariser Platz in Berlin.

In meetings with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects in Munich and academic peers at the American Academy in Berlin, Balfour is expected to address the development of Berlin's Pariser Platz, a focal point of the city, before and after the collapse of the Wall. Where fires and war had ravaged the square behind the Brandenburg Gate, the new American Embassy helps symbolize the area's proud restoration.

In addition, he will deliver a keynote lecture at an invitation-only symposium at the American Embassy in Berlin designed to discuss and substantiate public perception of the new building.

Balfour's celebrated body of research and writings on cities includes Berlin: The Politics of Order: 1737-1989(1990) and Berlin (1995), one of three in the World Cities series of books. The American Institute of Architects recognized both works with International Book Awards.

His recent return to Georgia Tech continues a distinguished international career in education. Previously, Balfour led the architecture schools of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Architectural Association in London and Rice University in Houston.