Georgia Tech Architecture Students Selected as finalists at the Pruitt Igoe Now Competition

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On June 4, 2012, Pruitt Igoe Now released the 31 entries (out of 348) selected as finalists by the its jury as finalists. The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group will exhibit the finalists of the competition, which examined the future of a 33-acre forested vacant site of a former housing project in St. Louis. 

The finalists from Georgia Tech include:

  • Marco Garcia-Ancheita and Marius Mueller, MSUD Studio Ellen Dunham-Jones
  • Group submission by Jared Davis, Sarthak Dhingra, Megan Fowler, Lauren Griffith, Gregory Hall, Michael Howard, Nikos Kavoori, Samuel Kim, Xueping Li, Vanessa Lira, Megan McDonough, Joong Suk Oh, Jose Pajares, Brianna Rindge and Peter Ryan, Junior and Senior Studio Gernot Riether