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  • Postdoctoral Fellow; Lecturer, Design Studio Instructor
    (404) 385-3715
    Her main research interest lies in human behavior and responses to architecture and its design and space.  Her current research focuses on how design affects user and organizational outcomes as it affects organizational function, performance, patient safety, and health.

Senior Lecturers

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    (510) 579-8656
    Building Information Modeling; AEC Technology; 3D and 4D Workflow Solutions; Interoperability; Cloud centric BIM

Academic Professionals

Professors Emeriti



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  • Assistant Professor
    (404) 385-1830
    Specialization(s): Parametric systems, Digital fabrication, Materiality, Finite element analysis for conceptual design
  • Assistant Professor, Director Professional Studies
  • Professor Emeritus
    (404) 894-0907
    Specialization(s): urban design; sustainable urban development; landscape history
  • Professor
    (404) 894-4885
    Specialization(s): design; modern european art and architecture; architectural history and theory; architecture, politics, and spectacle
  • Professor of Architecture
    (404) 894-1686
  • Assistant Professor
    (404) 259-1501
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 385-2914
    Specialization(s): spatial and visual analysis of buildings; history and theory of modern architecture; design studies; theories of interpretation, meaning, and aesthetics in architecture
  • Professor
    (404) 895-3893
  • Professor of the Practice of Architecture
    (404) 894-4885
  • Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
    (404) 443-7483
    Specialization(s): urban design, architecture, strategic thinking, data visualization and infographics, cartography, graphic design
  • Assistant Professor
    (404) 385-2913
    Specialization(s): multi-domain building performance simulation; equation-based modeling; computational fluid dynamics
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lecturer, Design Studio Instructor
    (404) 385-3715
    Specialization(s): Her main research interest lies in human behavior and responses to architecture and its design and space.  Her current research focuses on how design affects user and organizational outcomes as it affects organizational function, performance, patient safety, and health.
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 894-2075
    Specialization(s): architecture design and practice; art practice; color in modern and contemporary architecture; ornament and the detail
  • Professor Emeritus
    (404) 894-3395
    Specialization(s): history of architecture; chinese and english gardens
  • Lecturer
    (404) 894-2992
    Specialization(s): contemporary urban design theories; design strategies and practices
  • Professor Emeritus
    Specialization(s): environmental planning; urban stormwater planning
  • Research Associate II
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 894-4871
    Specialization(s): art, design, theory
  • Professor Emerita
    (404) 894-3803
  • Research Associate II
    (404) 385-6232
    Specialization(s): Evidence-based design in healthcare facilities; Green building practices for healthcare; Sustainability in healthcare; Environments for dementia care; Greenhouse gas management systems; Design innovation; Design for active living; Corporate and organizational sustainability
  • Lecturer
    (404) 894-4885
  • Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, MSUD Program Director
    (404) 894-0648
    Specialization(s): sustainable urban design; suburban redevelopment; new urbanism and smart growth; health and urban design; post-industrial development patterns and globalization; contemporary architectural theory
  • Professor, Director, Digital Building Laboratory
    (404) 894-3477
    Specialization(s): building information modeling (BIM); solids and parametric modeling; engineering databases and product models and interoperability
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 894-2073
    Specialization(s): shape grammars; parametric design; computer aided design; discrete mathematics and design (combinatorics, symmetry, proportion)
  • Academic Professional, Director, Design Shop
    (404) 894-4880
  • Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
    (404) 385-7294
    Specialization(s): architectural history and theory, urban history, skyscrapers, football (soccer) stadiums, the political economy and cultural significance of architecture
  • Portman Dean, College of Architecture, Professor of City and Regional Planning
    (404) 894-3880
    Specialization(s): sustainable urban development; geographic information system applications; earthquake and flood hazard analysis and mitigation; modeling urban development impacts
  • Associate Professor + Architect, Associate Chair: Professional and Undergraduate Studies
    (404) 894-4885
    Specialization(s): houses/housing; urban design; construction technology and fabrication; low energy housing
  • Associate Professor, Associate Director for Research, Digital Fabrication Lab (AWPL)
    (404) 894-3845
    Specialization(s): structural materials, systems, and fabrications; fiber reinforced composites; engineered wood; composites; environmental impact of construction
  • Academic Professional, Director, Common First Year
    (404) 385-3397
    Specialization(s): design pedagogy
  • Lecturer
    (404) 894-4885
    Specialization(s): sustainable design history and theory; methods in architectural education; leadership and ethics in architectural practice
  • Assistant Professor
    (404) 894-7101
    Specialization(s): Collaborative process modeling and management, building information modeling, multidisciplinary analysis and optimization, and decision-making for efficient and effective sustainable design and construction of buidings and infrastructure.
  • Director of Communications
    (404) 385-0693
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 385-1273
    Specialization(s): medieval art, architecture, and urbanism; medieval cathedrals and cathedral decoration; medieval Jewish communities; museums and cultures of display; history and theory of urban public space; cultures of dwelling 
  • Lecturer
    (404) 894-4885
  • Professor of Architecture, Chair, School of Architecture
    (404) 894-4885
  • Professor Emeritus
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 894-8995
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 894-1883
  • Regents' Professor of Cognitive Science
  • Professor of the Practice of Building Construction, Director, Construction Resouces Center
    (404) 385-0444
    Specialization(s): Construction Program Management, Professional Practice, Industry Outreach
  • Senior Lecturer
    (404) 894-2991
  • Professor, Associate Chair, Advanced Studies and Research, School of Architecture
    (404) 894-7667
    Specialization(s): spatial analysis; space syntax; urban design; design logic; spatial cognition; work environments; museums
  • Academic Advising Manager
    (404) 894-0182
  • Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Outreach
    (404) 385-1449
  • Professor of the Practice of Architecture
    (678) 904-7422
  • Associate Professor
    (404) 894-9513
  • Assistant Professor
    (404) 385-3276
    Specialization(s): Acoustics and Dynamics; Noise control, architectural acoustics, healthcare sound scapes, building systems engineering, and psychological/physiological response.
  • Research Scientist II
    (404) 894-0528
  • Professor of the Practice of Architecture, Thomas W. Ventulett III Distinguished Chair of Architectural Design
  • Professor
    (404) 385-1830
  • Research Scientist II, Research Faculty
    (404) 894-6278
  • Administrative Coordinator
    (404) 894-1213
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    (510) 579-8656
    Specialization(s): Building Information Modeling; AEC Technology; 3D and 4D Workflow Solutions; Interoperability; Cloud centric BIM
  • Administrative Director
    (404) 894-1095
  • Professor of the Practice of City & Regional Planning
    Specialization(s): Planning and Real Estate Law
  • Academic Assistant II
    (404) 385-7554
  • Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning and of Architecture
    (404) 894-2076
    Specialization(s): urban design; urban simulation and GIS; landscape ecology and industrial ecology for urban environments
  • Professor of the Practice of Architecture
    (404) 894-4885
  • Professor
    (404) 894-3915
    Specialization(s): environmental psychology; active living; evidence-based design; healthcare safety and effectiveness; patient-centered care