Richard Dagenhart

Welcome to  the  School of Architecture. Join us and Georgia Tech to imagine the future in Atlanta, the South, and around the world.

Our imaginations dwell on our ecological futures to make a more sustainable planet with what we design and build and inhabit, from buildings and places to landscapes and cities.

Our imaginations are global, and we seek to become both citizens and architects, and to be responsible participants from our backyard in Atlanta to the challenges of Shanghai.

Our imaginations reside in local communities, using our knowledge of architecture and urban design to address problems, whether in Atlanta, Georgia or Cape Town, South Africa.

Our imaginations are aligned with the continued transformations of digital and computational technologies, inventing new ways to design and new ways to build.

Our imaginations, operating in design studios, research laboratories,  and in sites and cities across the world, aim to lead architectural practices through the 21st Century. 

You may be graduating from high school. You may be an undergraduate student in architecture. You may be a college graduate who majored in French literature. Or you may be an architect, or a professional in an allied field,  who desires to reach for the limits with a post-professional Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Science in Urban Design, or a Ph.D. in Architecture, building on aesthetic, intellectual and professional knowledge and research.

Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture believes in the power of design, engaging our desires, our knowledge, our cultural heritage and our engagements with the world. We think like architects, whether designing buildings and cities or conducting research to lead future generations.

As we imagine and design our futures, we value diversity, the arts, scholarship, research, and practice.  Although we are involved in the design of a future we cannot predict,  we strive to influence with our creativity, our knowledge, and our ethical beliefs.

Join us in Atlanta. Imagine the future with us in the School of Architecture.

Richard Dagenhart, Interim Chair - Bio